Custom SoC

Custom SoC
In the industry, SoC is used to describe a generic IC composed of the all the components of a computer. At Nand Logic we more appropriately define our SoCs as a Single Chip Solution or SCS, we coin the phrase SCS to define an all in one digital system architected for a custom application. This implies that SoCs are individually customized to meet the requirements of each client's custom application. We take this approach to maximize application efficiency and to increase performance. In addition our customize SoC architecture development flow shortens the time to market increasing even further our client's competitive edge in the market space.

Single Core SoC:
Nand Logic Single-Core SoCs are architected to maximize system throughput. We accomplish this in part by minimizing the latency between CPU instruction and peripheral response. Our round robin response time is less the 10 system clock cycles. In addition to this, our bus subsystem is pipelined, processing reads and rights in as few as three clock cycles each. Each of the interfaces for our peripheral ASICs are pipelined as well, this minimize system stalls. Our SoCs have a small footprint, leaving plenty of room on the die or inside the FPGA fabric for custom application custom logic. Read more »

Multi-Core SoC:
Nand Logic Multi-Core SoCs have an asymmetrical architecture, the system is heterogeneous by design. Each of the respective cores and their Closely Coupled RAMs are independent of each other; therefore each core can handle separated sections of the embedded application. The clear advantage here is an obvious increase in performance. Using this architecture decreases the software application development cycle, by a changing the development cycle methodology, from sequential to parallel. Read more »