Multi-Core SoC

Key Features

  • Small Footprint
  • Optimized for Embedded Applications
  • Low Latency Bus Read Write Transactions
  • Custom Core Clock Generator
  • Two 32bit System Timers
  • 32bit Address and Data Bus Width
  • Easy ASIC Peripheral Interface Architecture
  • Asymmetrical Core Architecture
  • User Defined Architecture
The demands on today's SoC's are growing in complexity and requiring higher and higher performance numbers to meet the needs of the embedded application. Embedded applications are increasing in sophistication, requiring the use of multithreaded techniques that put a heavy burden on single core systems. Nand Logic offers a solution to these growing demands and that solution is the embedded Multi-Core SoC. Our Multi-Core SoCs are designed using an asymmetrical architecture; this approach allows application developers to develop different sections of code in parallel and independent from each other. This reduces the complexity in application development by removing the need to build applications in traditional multithreaded fashion. This architecture frees up the developer to develop software modules independently and also allows these objects/function/modules to run in true concurrent fashion real-time. Our asymmetrical architecture SoC solutions can be tailored to incorporate any combination of microprocessors in our product line up.