Memory Controllers

SRAM Controller:
The Nand Logic SRAM controller provides can control up to 8 SRAM devices. Control of each device can be handled independently of each other, on a transaction by transaction basis. The controller provides support for Page Mode, Asynchronous Mode, and Burst Mode, each slave can be configured for either mode, independent of all other slave devices. Read more »

Flash Controller:
The Nand Logic FLASH controller provides software programmable control and autonomous hardware control for industry standard FLASH devices. The controller was designed with the application developer in mind and provides easy access, through software, to internal hardware security and erase features. In addition to providing flexible control over burst read and write actions on an independent transaction basis for each device attached to the controller. Read more »

DDR Controller:
The Nand Logic DDR controller supports industry standard DDR memory devices of size 8, 16 and 32 bits. The controller provides a number of features which allow for quick access to data stored in the individual banks and rows. Features such as automatic bank refreshing, and row activation ensure that data is stored or retrieved as fast as possible upon request , thus increasing application efficiency and performance. Read more »