Motor Controller

Pulse Width Modulator:
The Nand Logic PWM ICs are very flexible and provide 16bits of resolution for increased accuracy and control over electric motors, analog and digital servos. The period and duty cycle values are software programmable 16 bit values. This high bit count yields increased precision and efficiency. Read more »

The Nand Logic PWM-Encoders were designed as interface encoders the R/C transmitters and receivers. Our PWMEs digitally encode servo and motor control signal coming in off chip from receivers capturing wireless control signals from a radio device. These encoded values can then be used in closed or open loop control algorithms to increase motor control precision and efficiency. Read more »

Stepper Motor Controller:
Stepper motors are motors which move in steps as a posed to conventional motors which move continuously. The granularity of a step can be fined tuned to fractions of a full step, adding to the overall control and precision of the motor's movements. Nand Logic's stepper motor controller IC is composed of an independent driver and control unit both of which are software programmable. The architecture of the controller abstracts away the low level control tasks from the programmer, allowing the programmer to program in a sequence of steps and actions to achieve a higher level function. Read more »