The Chameleon family of microprocessors are all 32 bit RISC uPCs optimized for embedded systems, such as FPGAs and CPLDs. Nand Logic provides RTL for ASIC technologies as well. The processors are based on a 5 stage pipeline, single cycle execution architecture. The Chameleon architecture provides additional hardware features which increase efficiency and instruction throughput. Some of these features include, high radix multiplication, execution block over clocking, and parallel processing of floating point and fixed point instructions. In addition architecture pays special attention to the processing of branch and jump instructions, providing quick branch resolution and minimum pipeline stall latency. The Chameleon family of processors take up very little area in the FPGA, and operate at the highest frequencies the targeted technology will support.

The Chameleon -QSI processor is the smallest processor we provide. The exceptionally small footprint, configurable architecture and optimal processor performance gives developers the advantage of a 32-bit processor with 8-bit processor area consumption. The small footprint of the Chameleon-QSI processor enables it to be deployed in analog, mixed signal, and other application platforms where space is limited, but the processing power is necessary. Read more »

The Chameleon-QSII processor was designed to offer a significant performance increase over the Chameleon-QSI. To achieve this performance increase, the architecture was reworked to allow the pipeline to handle certain instructions in a more streamline fashion, and also to remember jump locations to avoid stalls for address calculation, whenever possible. In addition several instructions have been added to the instruction set that allow the processor to perform higher level mathematical functions. This increase in performance allows this processor to be deployed in applications which require additional performance and the ability to take advantage of more complex math functions. Read more »

The Chameleon -QSIII processor is designed specifically for deterministic real-time applications; it has been architected to empower developers to develop high-performance applications for a broad range of embedded environments. These include but are not limited to automotive systems, industrial control systems, and wireless networking, robotics and sensors networks. The processor delivers exceptional computational performance and fast system response time to peripheral driven events. Read more »

The Chameleon -QSIV processor is the most advanced embedded processor by Nand Logic. It was specifically architected to address high-end control markets that demand an efficient, high performing controller. The Chameleon -QSIV allows developers to realize algorithms which use advanced concepts such as PID or open and closed control loop methodologies to control systems at a dynamic level of granularity. Such applications include UAV autopilots, autonomous navigation for ground and air systems, automated manufacturing, intelligent robotic prosthesis, automotive suspension, brake and engine management systems, and space vehicle flight control systems. Read more »