Product Description

We believe a “Smart Helmet” should provide the user with “Augmented Intelligence.” A “Smart Helmet” should allow the user to perform high-level cognitive tasks such as cycling, snowboarding, or skateboarding; while it performs low-level functions that support those tasks. These functions can include noise reduction, signaling, managing communication links, and processing environmental data.

A “Smart Helmet” should enhance “Situational Awareness” by presenting pertinent information in a clear and simple manner. Our “Smart Helmet” accomplishes this by monitoring it’s internal and external environment and alerting the user and other motorists of pertinent information when it is available. Please see specs below for more information.

Intelligent Lighting

- Headlights
- Turn Signals
- Brake Lights

Software Control
- Ambient Light Sensor
- Accelerometer
- Auto dimming function
- Hazard Lights
- Emergency braking function

Image Processing

Front & Rear Camera
- HD Video & Still image capture
- Data stored on SD card

- Picture in Picture
- Dual stream Display

Object Recognition
- Object Tracking
- Collision Warning
- Blindspot Warning


Wireless Communication
- Accept & make phone calls
- Voice controls
- Communicate in a group
- Turn By Turn GPS ( Mobile Phone )
- Stream Music ( Mobile Phone )

Mobile Phone App
- Configure
- Control

Design Language

Aerodynamic Shape
- Reduces drag & wind noise

Modular Design
- Functional Mask
- Flip up function
- Removable

Padding & Ventilation
- Active Ventilation System
- Embedded fan
- Protection

Intelligent DSP

Video Audio Sync
- External mic
- Internal noise cancellation mic
- Audio input synced with video

Intelligent Noise Cancellation
- Siren detection & alert
- Car horn detection & alert
- Autonomous Volume Control

Embedded System

Embedded SoC
- Microprocessor
- PWM (LED & Fan Control)

- IMU (Accelerometer & Gyroscope)
- Ambient Light Sensor
- Temperature & Humidity Sensor



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Nand Logic

"We have a lot of student riders and pros in our industry interested in your helmet!"

Gooddog Digital

"This is actually an awesome idea!" "The latest and greatest technology here at CES!"

NBC News

"Smart Helmet is an intelligent helmet to help you with simple tasks while practicing your extreme sport. With the ability to intuitively turn directional lights for your safety and also detects humidity and temperature if necessary turn on fans to enhance the experience. All protective equipment XXI century."


"I saw this cool Smart Helmet while walking through the halls of CES." "I am so impressed with this Smart Helmet." Video starts at 5:11:12.

Mario Armstrong

"Nand Logic's Smart Helmet may just top the list when it comes to the highest number of electronic goodies packed into a single helmet."

Ben Coxworth -- Gizmag.com

"The American company Nand Logic is building a new motorcycle helmet hyper-technological , presented in prototype form at the last CES ." Page must be translated to English.

Andrea Bressa -- Wired Magazine Italy