Serial Interfaces

The Nand Logic SPI module is compatable with the industry standard specification. The module has custom features such as independent simulatineous read and write transactions, and transaction queue, which help increase throughput. The unit can be tailored to meet any specific application requirments. Read more »

Our I2C module is compatable with the industry stand I2C specification. It has versitaility and unique configurations that allow it to communicate with a variety different of slave devices on a transaction by transaction basis. Starts, Stops and Restart commands can be programmed as a sequence of events to meet custom peripherial communication protocols. As with all of our modules the I2C can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the target application. Read more »

USB FX-Interface:
The Nand Logic USB-FX2 interface is compatible with the cypress EZUSB-FX2 interface. The module is designed with some autonomous capabilities; such as an auto read and write mode. When placed in auto mode for read or write the device will initiate a read or write based on the programmable threshold flags in the input and output FIFOs. The design architecture allows for the maximum throughput and less software over head. Read more »

The Nand Logic UART offers RS-232 industry standard communication controls and it operates according the protocol specification. If offers unique customizations as well, such as a programmable read byte count threshold, and a programmable packet length transmit threshold. The UART can be tailored to meet any client's specific requirements. Read more »