Key Features

  • SPI Master
  • Full Duplex Transactions
  • Up to 8 Slave Devices
  • Independent Receive and Transmitt FIFOs
  • Configurable FIFO Depth for Receive &Transmit
  • Technology Dependent Maximum Bit Rate
  • Queue Stores Independent Transactions
The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) module is a synchronous serial interface used for communicating with external peripherals and other microcontroller devices. These peripheral devices may be Micro-SD cards, serial EEPROMs, sensors, display drivers, A/D converters, Transceivers, and a variety of other devices. Although the SPI master is compatible with the industry standard, we do offer several custom features designed to increase throughput and maximize efficiency.  Our module come with a FIFO based transaction queue which allows the software application to issue multiple transactions to multiple slave devices and allow the SPI master to process each transaction autonomously.   In addition the module can also be configured to be either byte based or word based, the latter allowing for a 4x decrease in latency for read and write transactions.