Custom SoC Design

Custom Logic Design
Embedded Application Design
Custom SoC Design

Single Chip Solutions tailored for embedded applications.

  • System Requirements Capture & Interface Design
  • Hardware & Software Architecture
  • RTL and Embedded Code Development
  • System Verification
  • Place & Route
  • Code Optimization --Timing Analysis

Application Request Form

We have a wide range of SoC solutions which can be individually customized to suit any embedded application. We can provide a variety of configurations which ensure that our clients will receive the perfect solution for their complex challenges. Our SoC design flow allows the client to spell out their challenges in great detail, and give us the opportunity to present several solutions to meet those challenges. This process facilitates an open exchange of ideas enabling us to come to a consensus on the best solution, and thereafter we work diligently to deliver that solution in a timely manner. This unique development flow shortens time to market, giving our clients a strategic advantage.