About US

We design and deliver high performance digital solutions to meet the challenging requirements of "System on a Chip" design.

Our High Performance Digital Solutions are designed to be easily integrated into any system. These solutions are finely tuned to meet the specific performance, cost, size, and quality requirements of our clients’ unique applications.

We alleviate the need for clients to possess the expertise required to integrate discrete components into an advanced, fully-functional system. We provide an increasingly uncommon combination of capabilities in this area. Our broad range of SoC design abilities provide clients with differentiated solutions that serve their most challenging requirements. We like to get involved early in the design process in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the application requirements and future product roadmaps. This way, we can become an integral partner in the product’s life cycle.

Our Strengths

We believe we have a number of strengths that create the opportunity for us to be a leader in our target markets. Some of these strengths include:

A Deep Passion for Design

To say we are driven by our clients’ needs would be a true statement, however, that is not the reason we provide exceptional digital solutions to application challenges. Our solutions are exceptional because we are fueled by a deep passion for design. A passion kept alive and burning by our desire to innovate and create embedded systems that allow clients to do the impossible – to shape the future and even change the world!

Digital System Design Expertise

We have exceptional design capabilities within our staff, and we design with an uncommon degree of insight into the component requirements and architectural challenges of the electronic system solutions. This allows us to enhance end-product capabilities, while decreasing time to market.

Research and Development

Our future success depends on our ability to improve our current products and expand our product portfolio for both existing and new markets. We direct our research and development efforts largely to the development of new high-performance digital solutions to meet the demands of the growing consumer market space.

We target applications that require a high level of overall system and subsystem performance. We design our products and solutions with a measure of foresight so that, as new and challenging applications emerge, our current solutions meet those challenges quickly.

We have assembled a team of highly skilled SoC and embedded software design engineers with a broad and unique skill set in all aspects of digital design – including design for interfaces (serial and parallel), controllers, security, communication, and digital processing.

We Serve

Our engineers deliver personalized service along with a dedicated focus on the target application, everything is optimized to a specific target.

Consumer Electronics

Nand Logic offers consumer electronics product development services to major brands and startups. We will help you add innovative features to existing products or create new products from the ground up.

Industry 4.0

Nand Logic provides Industrial 4.0 services to manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse corporations and companies. We help them build robotics and industrial automation systems that optimize workflows, improve material and asset tracking, and increase overall production output.


Nand Logic develops OEM modules and embedded systems that bring todays vehicles into the digital world — from merely a mode of transportation to intelligent mobile machines connected to data centers, pedestrians, and transport infrastructure.


Nand Logic is aware that, when it comes to aerospace electronics, failure is unacceptable. Accurate process control and strict adherence to DO-254 standards and design practices ensures your part’s performance, reliability, and safety are at the highest level. Thus eliminating field failures that could result in catastrophic consequences.


Nand Logic knows that LIFE IS PRECIOUS and that it relies on a very delicate balancing act between all functioning systems to sustain itself. Therefore, we take great care with our medical device design methodologies. We strive to assure your medical provider that the tools we develop perform at the expected levels, and produce the expected outcome, every single time with GREAT PRECISION and without FAILURE!

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite