Nand Logic engineers design complex embedded systems that combine state of the art hardware with powerful software to produce the products of your dreams.

We Serve

Our engineers deliver personalized service along with dedicated focus on the target application, everything is optimized to a specific target

Consumer Electronics

Nand Logic offers consumer electronics product development services to major brands and startups. We’ll help you add innovative features to existing products or create new products from the ground up.

Industry 4.0

Nand Logic provides industrial 4.0 services to manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse corporations and companies. We help them build robotics and industrial automation systems that optimize workflows, improve material and asset tracking, and increase overall production output.


Nand Logic develops OEM modules and software-hardware systems that bring todays vehicles into the digital world — from merely a mode of transportation to intelligent mobile machines connected to data centers, pedestrians, and transport infrastructure.


Nand Logic is aware that when it comes to aerospace electronics failure is unacceptable. Accurate process control, and strict adherence to DO-254 standards and design practices ensures your part’s performance, reliability, and safety, are at the highest-level eliminating field failures that could result in catastrophic consequences.


Nand Logic knows that LIFE IS PRECIOUS and also it relies on a very delicate balancing act between all functioning systems to sustain itself. We take great care with our design methodologies when it comes to medical devices, to assure you medical provider that the tools we give them to use will perform at the expected levels, and produce the expected outcome, every single time with GREAT PRECISION and without FAILURE!

Our Design Approach

Application Discovery

Let’s discuss the overall application, what are you trying to accomplish?

Requirements Capture

OK what are the essential elements that will allow you to realize the application, or end product.

System Architecture

At a very high level lets define with the system looks like, based on the requirements.

Design Review

OK let’s agree on a design direction and path.

Design Entry

The fun part let start DESIGNING!

Prototype and Test

Build the first iterations and test in a lab setting, debug an verify the design.


Document EVERYTHING, make sure it is clear and detailed.


Why Nand Logic?

Open Cooperative Service

We make sure the design process is transparent, so you have a complete view of the development team’s progress. Our engineers value on-time product delivery and process efficiency.

Expert Principal Engineers

We are a strong team with years of hands-on experience in embedded systems design, all of that experience and expertise will be brought to bear on your project.

We Are Passionate About Design

We Love Design, we love creating something functional and beautiful from circuits, logic, and artesian level craftsmanship!

Ground Up Development

We make sure the design process is transparent, so you have a complete view of the development team’s progress. Our engineers value on-time product delivery and process efficiency.

Intuitive Interfaces

If it’s a hassle to use and operate why even bother? That is our policy, therefore all of our products are easy to use and intuitive to understand.

Questions? Let's Talk

How Can We Be of Service?

We have proven development flows, that provide our clients with a chance to give feedback and input at several crucial stages in the development process. Our processes ensure that the client’s requirements are understood and that the solution provided will meet or surpass expectations. 

Let’s Get STARTED!

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite