Custom SoC​

The demands on today’s SoC’s are growing in complexity and requiring higher and higher performance numbers to meet the needs of the embedded application. Nand Logic offers a solution to these growing demands and that solution is the Tailored Embedded MultiCore SoCs.

Processor subsystem

QuikSilva MultiCore Processor Subsystem — Low Latency HIGH THROUGHPUT cores for applications that require high efficiency, in a small footprint

Memory Controllers Subsystem

UltraFast easy access to your application data NO unnecessary overhead speeds up your applications by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE!!

Serial Interfaces & User Logic

HighSpeed Interfaces, combined with custom logic create gate ways to all application solution

IoT App Controllers

Accelerate your IoT applications with independent targeted smart controllersAccelerate your IoT applications with independent targeted smart controllers

Key Features

Symmetrical SoC

Our Symmetrical SoCs are architected to maximize system throughput. We accomplish this in part by minimizing the latency between CPUs instructions and peripheral response. In addition to this, our subsystem data path is pipelined, processing tasks in as fewer clock cycles. The processor subsystem is robust and finely tuned in order to keep up with the demands of multiple CPUs and their applications.

Asymmetrical SoC

Our Asymmetrical MultiCore SoCs can be tailored to incorporate any combination of microprocessors in our product line up. Building an application using this approach allows application developers to target different sections of application for a specific subsystem, all running in parallel and independent from each other. This architecture frees up the developer to develop software modules independently and also allows these objects/functions/modules to run in true concurrent fashion real-time.

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite