soc chip main SoC Design Single Chip
Optimal embedded solutionstargeting industry leading ASIC and FPGA technologies
SoC Design High-End
Aerospace Solutions
Enabling the current and next generation UAV's, military and civilian aircrafts to reach new hights.
SoC Design Driving Automotive
Providing automotive engineers with the power to make artificial intelligent systems come to life
SoC Design Intelligence Beyond
The Controller
Allowing today's robot controllers to give simple commands and safely observe the machine to do the hazardous work.
SoC Design Advancing Medical
Our SoCs are allowing Medical science to probe deeper and deeper into the inner workings of our organic systems!

IP Products

We have an extensive library of IP for all of your design needs

Serial Interfaces

High throughput, with minimal latency!

Memory Controllers

Add DDR, Flash, or SDCards to your design and do more with Nand Logic’s memory controllers.

IoT Apps

Enable your industrial, and robotic applications with our advanced motor control designs.


Eliminate OS overhead and latency with the QuikSilva family for microprocessors! Built for Bare Metal Applications, and product applications.

Custom SoC

Nand Logic’s All Encompassing System on a Chip architectures will bri v your products to life.

Nand logic design Services

Let us help you realize your next product vision

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Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite