Artificial Intelligence & internet of Things Applications

Nand Logic stands poised, ready to provide you with solutions specifically architected to enable Industrial 4.0 and IoT devices that are needed to pave the way to a new world.

AI & IoT :

The fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is an upward trend toward collecting and generating data from the devices connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. Embedded applications and SoCs have played a critical role in enabling the adoption of this revolution.

However, specialized hardware and software systems are in increasing demand because of the desire to fully utilize the benefits of AI and ML to accelerate the journey towards fully automated smart factories, smart cities, and smart homes.

Motor Control

Pulse Width Modulator

Nand Logic PWM ICs are very flexible and provide configurable resolution for increased accuracy and control over electric motors, servos, and LEDs. The period and duty cycle values are software configurable. This configurable bit count yields increased precision and efficiency. 

Motor Controllers:

The Motor Controller IC acts as a low-level hardware interface for an external motor driver. The module has an encoder interface, which supports both incremental and absolute encoders. The module decodes encoder inputs and uses these inputs to decipher the current position of the motor in order to make intelligent decisions about the next position of the motor.

In addition to support for encoder feedback, the module also has an interface for an external brake. Feedback from the encoder, brake and motor driver allows the controller to determine the next course of action.

Key Features


Our CAN controllers are the most optimal and efficient way to add CAN A or B capability to the SoC of your choice, or to extend the number of CAN channels.

We also provide services that enable you to quickly and easily add CAN capabilities to an existing design without having to change your system SoC. Our CAN controller solutions provide the fastest data rates and data byte message expansion to your system without requiring a complete redesign.

Key Features


RS-485, also known as TIA-485(-A) or EIA-485, is widely used in industrial control systems and similar applications. The configuration and specifications of RS485 make it faster than RS-422, and also extends the range of data transmission. The maximum RS-485 cable length is typically listed as 1200 meters, or about 4000 feet. In addition, RS-485 can handle up to 32 connected devices.

Our custom RS-485 module is designed to efficiently handle arbitration of all controllers in the network, maximize throughput, and reduce latency across the bus network. This translates to faster and more granular control over your devices.

Key Features

FPGA Based
Convolutional Neural Network

Our Neural Engines are architected for speed and efficiency, with programmable configurable weights and path ways that allow us to quickly tune the network for a variety of different types of applications such as:

  • Object Detection
  • Sound Classification
  • Facial Recognition
  • Object Tracking

Let us tailor one of our Neural Engines for your next AI application.

Embedded Control Software

Embedded control software is the final piece of the puzzle. Embedded software must be written optimally and efficiently with the targeted hardware in mind; these goals must be incorporated into the architecture and development process. These are the principles of software development, here at Nand Logic.

We LOVE and are very much a part of the Industry 4.0 Revolution. We have been writing embedded control software for 18 years.

Our experience

  • RTU
  • Modbus Plus
    • Pemex
    • Enron

 We specialize in designing optimized software for a specific task in order to maximize efficiency. Contact us and let us architect a tailored application for your business!

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite