Digital Interfaces feed your application the data and input it needs to function. In order to function efficiently the interfaces must maximize throughput!


The Nand Logic SPI module is compatible with the industry standard specification. The module has custom features such as independent simultaneous read and write transactions, and transaction queue, which help increase throughput. The unit can be tailored to meet any specific application requirement

Key Features


Our I2C module is compatible with the industry stand I2C specification. It has versatility and unique configurations that allow it to communicate with a variety different of slave devices on a transaction by transaction basis. Starts, Stops and Restart commands can be programmed as a sequence of events to meet custom peripheral communication protocols. As with all of our modules the I2C can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the target application.

Key Features


The Nand Logic UART offers RS-232 industry standard communication controls and it operates according the protocol specification. If offers unique customizations as well, such as a programmable read byte count threshold, and a programmable packet length transmit threshold. The UART can be tailored to meet any client’s specific requirements.

Key Features


The I2S interface was designed to be a bridge between a microcontroller, or DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and an external digital audio system. The bridge facilitates transmitting and receiving a digital audio stream on multiple channels at various data rates. As the module name suggests the modules communicates via the I2S Bus. The module can communicate a variety of digital ICs such as

  • A/D and DAC converters;
  • Error correction for compact disc and digital recording;
  • Digital filters
  • Digital input/output interfaces.

Key Features

Custom Interfaces

Interfacing controllers into embedded systems requires developers to design control mechanisms for an increasing number of industry standard bus communication protocols. These protocols are different for each and every environment targeted by the application, from the CAN Bus in automotive applications, to the AMBA bus for microcontroller systems applications, to LVDS in high speed low power serial applications (such as Software Defined Radio communication) to also PCI and PCI Express in desktop environments, and finally in certain cases special custom bus interfaces are required. We provide design services to meet whatever requirements our clients may have in the way of custom interfaces.

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite