Nand Logic Corporation provides custom design services, R&D, and technology consulting services to both commercial and government organizations.

Hardware Design

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Custom PCB Design


Embedded Design Our Embedded Design services provide discrete components designed to be easily integrated into any advanced, fully functional system. Our custom design services include:


Our collective future success depends on our ability to improve current products and bring innovative solutions to life. We direct our research and development efforts largely to the development of new, high-performance digital solutions to meet the demands of the growing consumer market space. 

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Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting Services utilize our extensive expertise to provide solutions that drive targeted outcomes for our clients. We employ a client-tailored approach to advising on how to most effectively use the latest technology to benefit clients’ businesses. We provide the design and development, implementation, and management of new technology

IP Portfolio

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite