How it Works ?

An intelligent monitoring system that provides the ultimate in Situational Awareness.

eagis product

AEGIS operates autonomously, after the initial setup, via a mobile device, (using AI) AEGIS formulates alerts based on how the current data projects future events will unfold. AEGIS also asks probing questions to help you determine the cause of the rapid change. AEGIS attempts to help you solve the problem instead of just alerting you the fact that there is indeed a problem.

Vigilant Security

AEGIS is ALWAYS armed no more false alarms interrupting your day or sleep, and no more hurrying out the door before the system arms, or fumbling to enter a key code before the alarm goes off. AEGIS only stores relevant content and it only alerts you if the situation requires your attention.

Live Look

Equipped with an HD camera, a thermal camera, and several microphones

All working together to give the user an intimate view of his home, office, or place of business. Live Look delivers a live-feed of the monitored area to the user’s mobile device, and allows for two-way communication with anyone within the monitored area.

Identity Recognition

AEGIS is equipped with the most sophisticated facial recognition software on the market

AEGIS can determine if there is someone within the monitored area and identify that person as a registered family member, guest, or a stranger. AEGIS can track the activity of selected individ- uals and provide this activity data to the user. AEGIS creates and maintains a file on each individual being tracked, and all relevant data acquired while tracking is stored there for later scrutiny by the user.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Advanced air quality sensor suite.

AEGIS monitors TVOC, CO, C02, Particulate Matter (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10) and provides you with an AQI ( Air Quality Index), EPA based rating of your air quality. These information- al alerts are color code, and understandable. In addition to the alerts AEGIS also provides suggestions as to how to improve air quality, AEGIS can even be configured to call the authorities if the situation is hazardous to life. No more accidental deaths due to poisonous gases leaking while you and your loved ones are asleep.

Intelligent DSP

AEGIS’ on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules links all forms of wireless media and entertainment devices into an interconnected network in your home

AEGIS can turn you smart speaker to a loud speaker which you can use to communicate direct- ly with anyone in your home, for anywhere in the world. Your son can’t hear you be- cause his music is too loud, connect directly to his headset, speakers, or the TV through AEGIS and say what you need to say!

Temperature & Humidity

AEGIS not only monitors it anticipates.

 So if the temperature in your home is increasing or decreasing rapidly AEGIS warns you long before the fire spreads or your pipes bursts. “If I turn the AC off now, will it be too hot in a few hours?” AEGIS knows, and will let you know, before you fall asleep!!

well being

AEGIS creates a vivid picture of your environment and then using Machine Learning attempts to ascertain how the environment is affecting you.

Armed with this information AEGIS will attempt to manage the environment’s ambience to improve your well being. AEGIS offer suggestions to on how to improve lighting, air quality, sound, and volume, help you improve your overall well being!

An intelligent monitoring system that provides the ultimate in Situational Awareness.

Base Station

Main unit that houses the electronics:

  • Infinity Sensor Array
  • AEGIS extra sensory perception suite